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MANTIS is the Market Leader in Vehicle CCTV Solutions for fleets of all sizes. With experienced and industry leading Engineering and Technical teams, MANTIS Support will help the smooth running of your business.

As reliance on technology continues to increase, with growing ways to communicate, it is imperative that we keep our customers updated with the best available solutions to fit their unique fleet and business, and ultimately improve business efficiency, the MANTIS way.

Seeing a rise in false insurance claims, where particularly larger vehicles are being criticised and occurrences where collisions are not being captured due to footage problems or inaccurate positioning of cameras; It was clear that an innovative vehicle CCTV system which can protect its drivers, vehicles and companies against false accusations on events on the road whilst increasing passenger safety and improving driver performance, was needed.


The MANTIS range helps to prevent collisions by assisting the driver and records the number if violations and uploads automatically to Evidence Centre including harsh breaking, harsh cornering, Video Loss, Camera Cover and Driver Panic Alarm.

This ensures the drivers safety as well as a training aid for drivers to maximise collision avoidance. 

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