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MANTIS™ solutions sets the standard for Vehicle CCTV systems, with 1080p Full HD cameras, you never miss a thing. Having a camera system that can be customised to suit your business, with multi-camera options ranging from 1 to 24, Evidence Centre, Geo-Fencing and Email Alerts informing you of any camera or video obstruction.

Our Product Range

Already this year the MANTIS™ solutions has helped hundreds of companies mitigate their risk against insurance costs and keeping their drivers safer on the road. MANTIS has an extensive range of solutions which are tailored to fit around your specific fleet needs, no matter the size.

MANTIS takes advantage of the latest technological advances and we were proud to be a finalist as the Best Technology based business in 2018.

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Our Services

MANTIS has three unique services, MANTIS Live, MANTIS Care and Evidence Centre. Learn more about them below.

Our Accessories

By adding a range of available accessories MANTIS can be tailored to deliver the perfect solution regardless of vehicle size, type or industry.

What Makes MANTIS Different?

MANTIS has many unique features. Discover more about these features below.

1080p Full HD Cameras

Have a crystal-clear view with our CCTV cameras, where clarity always comes first. With alerts on Video Loss and Camera obstruction, MANTIS is the only Vehicle CCTV Solution which combines Image Quality with Intelligent fault reporting.

Multi-Camera Options

MANTIS is made to suit your Fleet, whether that is to increase the safety of passengers, prevent vandalism or protect your driver’s safety on the road. With the ability to add up 24 cameras each with 1080p, this gives you a competitive advantage above other camera systems.

Evidence Centre

Footage is automatically uploaded when a high impact event occurs.


The ability to turn off or on cameras when entering or leaving selected areas. This can be useful when vehicles are active in sensitive areas, such as Schools, Prisons and MOD sites. Giving you full control over your CCTV system.

Email Alerts

Receive alerts of any video loss, cameras obstructions, Panic Button, Hard drive issue or any illegal shut downs, that are sent straight to your email.

Back-Up Memory

In case of a hard drive failure, memory is always secured with a back-up SD card installed as standard on all mantis systems. The system will then create a notification for your awareness should there be any hard drive problems.


Keeping you updated on your Fleet in real time. Giving fleet managers the ability to make faster decisions, at the simple click of a button.

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