MANTIS Accessories

By adding a range of available accessories MANTIS can be tailored to deliver the perfect solution regardless of vehicle size, type or industry.

Cyclist Protection

MANTIS has a number of solutions to prevent accidents with cyclists.  These include side detection Sensors, left hand turn alarms and our new Blind Spot detection Camera which uses the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence to alert your driver when a cyclist is getting dangerously close to the vehicle.  Equipping you vehicles with the Latest MANTIS Technology not only prevents accidents but is also recognised by many insurance companies.

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Driver Aid Monitor

With the option to add on a standard 7” monitor and touch screen monitor as standard MANTIS engineers will connect indictor and reverse gear into side and reverse cameras, this will be displayed on the driver monitor to aid the driver when turning and reversing.

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Trailer Solutions

The MANTIS Trailer solution consists of a 1080p Full HD reverse camera and a Suzi Kit.

The 1080p Full HD Reverse camera is fitted to a trailer to assist the driver whilst reversing, to help prevent own fault accidents and monitor loading and unloading. The reverse camera is activated whenever the driver selects reverse gear.

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Collision Prevention

With the ability to add on advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), this provides departure and forward collision warnings.

Driver status monitoring (DSM) a driver facing camera, which identifies driver fatigue, use mobile phone and if the driver is smoking whilst driving.

Both of these systems provide audible alerts that are uploaded to Evidence Centre.

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Driver Distraction / Fatigue Monitoring

Over 93% of all crashes are due to driver distraction. The MANTIS IQ range focuses on this very issue by using the most advanced technologies in Artificial Intelligence to detect when a driver is distracted or tired and alert them of a possible upcoming collision.  Footage is then uploaded to the MANTIS Evidence Centre so that driver behaviour is profiled.

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