Ensure the health and safety of your workers by providing Driver Risk Analysis.


  • Improve Customer Service

    MANTIS has been designed with Customer Service in mind.  Use MANTIS Live to deal with enquires from Customer's who report "Bin not collected" by quickly viewing the Vehicle's full HD Cameras in live time.  Video Evidence will prove whether the Driver or Customer was at fault.

  • Reduce Insurance Costs

    MANTIS helps to prove non-fault claims using Evidence Centre, If MANTIS sense a serious event such as harsh breaking or severe cornering, footage is automatically uploaded to Evidence Centre and stored in the cloud. Helping you to see what really happened, in the event that your driver is not at fault. MANTIS is FORS compliant, and in some cases, Insurance companies will significantly reduce insurance premiums.

  • Maximise Health & Safety

    MANTIS is fully integrated into TomTom Telematics, this give you the ability to rank your drivers based on driving behaviour and alert you to any potential risks. Once you profile your drivers, you can show them any near misses, this can then become a training process.

  • Productivity

    See your drivers in real time and prove deliveries were made with MANTIS. Ensure loading and unloading is completed safely, securely and efficiently, limiting any downtime between jobs and ensuring customers receive a high-quality service.