Passenger Transport

Providing up to a 24-camera solution for buses and coaches of all sizes.

Passenger Transport

  • Reduce Insurance Costs

    MANTIS helps to prove non-fault claims using Evidence Centre, If MANTIS sense a serious event such as harsh breaking or severe cornering, footage is automatically uploaded to Evidence Centre and stored in the cloud. Helping you to see what really happened, in the event that your driver is not at fault. MANTIS is FORS compliant, and in some cases, Insurance companies will significantly reduce insurance premiums.

  • Collision Prevention

    With the ability to add on advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), this provides departure and forward collision warnings.

    Driver status monitoring (DSM) a driver facing camera, which identifies driver fatigue, use mobile phone and if the driver is smoking whilst driving.

    Both of these systems provide audible alerts that are uploaded to Evidence Centre.

  • Driver and Passenger Safety

    A number of features are utilised by MANTIS to maximise your duty of care; such as a panic alarm, which is installed to inform the office in the case of an emergency or when a driver needs assistance in a case of theft.

    An in-cab monitor is installed as standard this connects the indicator and reverse gear, into side and reverse cameras. This will be displayed on the monitor once turning and reversing, Other alerts/alarms such as camera coverage help ensure footage is caught and protected.