Lucey Transport Logistics

Lucey Transport Logistics have their Fleet covered by the New MANTIS CCTV Solution

Donie Punch, Operations Director at Lucey Transport Logistics

“By choosing MANTIS, we were able to keep track of our Fleet just from the tip of our fingers. Only having the system for 7 months we can say it has proven its worth when it comes down to the crunch and we need footage fast. Evidence Centre has everything already caught and recorded for our viewing, so we can see what actually happened.”


The Company

Lucey Transport Logistics (LTL) have a long history in Transporting goods, since 1932, they have established their industry leading brand, with now over 130 Articulated and Rigid Trucks, 450 Trailers, 240 employed in the business and 6 sites across the isle of Ireland. Having extensive operations in Beverage, FMCG, Confectionary and Packaging sectors, highlights their commitment in providing a high standard of customer service.

With the help of the innovative MANTIS Vehicle CCTV System, the LTL fleet will be able to go through their day safer, protected and reassured. MANTIS sets the standard for Vehicle CCTV systems, with 1080p Full HD cameras, you never miss a thing. Its intelligent reporting does all the work for you, with cameras that can be customized to suit any fleet, with multi-camera options ranging from 1 to 24 cameras, Evidence Centre, Geo-Fencing and Email Alerts informing you of any camera obstruction; MANTIS becomes a key element in the smooth running of a fleet.

The Challenge

Being insured with Aviva Insurance, LTL work closely together with Aviva to undergo the Aviva Driving School Scheme, helping their drivers to prevent accidents and reduce road risk.

Sadly, due to the day and age we live in, the larger vehicle is particularly prone to receive the blame in nearly every accident it is involved in. This impacts larger fleet Insurance Premiums, and with LTL’s 230 Trucks, this could easily accumulate to a 6-figure premium, per annum.

Due to LTL’s significant reach of 6 sites around the isle of Ireland, it is especially difficult to watch over every vehicle and seemingly harder to find a reliable CCTV system.

Whilst being depended-on by numerous business’ around Ireland, LTL knew they needed to make the right decision when finding a suitable CCTV solution. Considering dash-cams, LTL found they were restricted in terms of functionality, and after a series of accidents uncaught on camera, particularly from the side, they needed something superior to manage their fleet more effectively.

By setting three objectives of what they wanted their new camera system to achieve, LTL could then decipher which CCTV system suited them best.

The objectives:

  1. Give drivers tools to assist driving and increase safety.
  2. Minimize risk in the event of an accident.
  3. Reduce overall insurance premiums.

The Solution

To Improve the situation, MANTIS was installed due to its vast functionality and ability to add on an Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS), which provides the driver with audible alerts such as lane departure and forward collision warnings. This strengthens the driver’s skills whilst also reducing road risk for surrounding road users.

With MANTIS’s main unique feature, Evidence Centre, where if a serious harsh breaking or harsh cornering event occurs, includingg collisions, video loss, camera cover and driver panic alarm, the footage is automatically uploaded to a file in Evidence Centre. This allows LTL to stay informed of any near misses as well as promptly view footage and react as necessary, in the event of an accident. This can then be used as a training aid for LTL’s Driver Trainers and increase their collision avoidance.

Over the first 6 months of having MANTIS, LTL has proved 5 accidents where their driver was not at fault. In one incident, the alleged Truck Driver was at fault for turning left into a car. MANTIS is able to record when an indicator is turned on, in this case MANTIS caught that the Truck Driver had their indicator on for a full 21 seconds before making the turn and in this time, the car had drove up beside the truck, therefore MANTIS proved the Truck Driver’s innocence in this accident.

Furthermore, the MANTIS multi-camera system with FULL 1080p HD cameras lets you view in the best clarity, even when out of the office. LTL felt reassured their fleet was being managed due to the MANTIS Live App, which allows you to see your fleet in real time and can be easily downloaded from the App Store.